Eine gute Geschichte

Germany | 2013 | col. 20′

When Helga Landowsky discovers the broken jug in an antiques store near the German/Polish border, she wants to have it at any cost. But the old lady has reckoned without Jakub Lato. Because the antiquarian does’t want to trade his ware for money. In exchange for the jug, he wants Helga to tell him a story. And a story she can tell. It’s an experience from the second world war. A story about pain and loss. And while Helga is still narrating, she and Jakub begin to realize that both their lives are wondrously interwoven. And that they are now, almost 70 years later, telling the story’s last chapter together. Because only this way, the story can finally become a good story.


regista / director      Martin-Christopher Bode

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Michael Seidel

fotografia / cinematographer      Christopher Doyle

montaggio / editing       Peter Kirschbaum

musica / music        Manfred Mildenberger

tecnico del suono / sound editor        Jan Blömeke, Jonathan Pauli, Christian Bornkessel

suono / sound       DOLBY SRD

cast       Petra Kelling, Michael Tregor, Anna Stalmann, Andrej Reimann, Patrick Mölleken, Ryszard Wojtyllo, Michael Seidel, Aron Streibich

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production      Media Boutique Munich / Panda Pictures GmbH

distribuzione / distribution        aug&ohr medien, M. Kaatsch, J. Hardt & Co. GbR


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