Child K

Italy | 2014 | Red Epic | col. 19′

Based on a true story. Pomssen. Saxony, 1937. Richard and Lina Kretschkopf are a young peasant couple who live in a small house in the country, in the middle of the German hills. Richard’s desire to have a child has grown to the point to become an obsession.


regista / director     Roberto De Feo, Vito Palumbo

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Vito Palumbo, Roberto De Feo

fotografia / cinematographer      Federico Annichiarico

montaggio / editing       Roberto De Feo, Vita Palumbo

musica / music      Rosario Di Bella

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Seagull Post

costumi / costume designer      Sabrina Beretta

scenografia / set decoration      Marta Marrone

cast       Lorenzo Patanè, Carlotto Verny, Ralph Phalka

genere / genre        Fiction

produzione / production      Colorado Film

distribuzione / distribution        Premiere Film c/o Roberto De Feo


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