Bang Bang!

France | 2014 | Computer | B/W 12′

Bang! Bang! It’s hunting season. As well as Eda’s 25th birthday. As a present, her father offers her an apartment under seizure. Enjoy… Eda flees. She drives fast. Too fast. A pink dog gets caught in her headlights, causing an accident. Frightened by the strange animal, she escapes the scene. She literally takes to the woods, those primal grounds where her father is meanwhile leading the hunt. A prey among other preys, Eda will have to find the strength to finally confront her father.


regista / director       Julien Bisaro

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Julien Bisaro et Claire Paoletti

montaggio / editing      Grégoire Sivan

musica / music        Jean-Christophe Onno

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Yohann Angelvy

suono / sound       DOLBY SR

scenografia / set decoration       Julien Bisaro

cast       Andréa Brusque, Féodor Atkine, Eric Herson

genere / genre       Animation

produzione / production       Caïmans Productions

distribuzione / distribution      Caïmans Productions


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