Luigi e Vincenzo

Italy | 2013 | File HD | col. 4′

Luigi and Vincenzo share the love of a lifetime, a life lived underground. They are burdened by shame, they aren’t able to act as a couple in public as they fear they have no right to be together. Not even the right to decide about each other’s life, in the case, as it is today, that something changes forever. But there is still time for a gesture reminiscent of the melancholic past as well as hope for a different future for the generations to come.


regista / director       Giuseppe Bucci

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Giuseppe Bucci

fotografia / cinematographer      Edoardo Tranchese

montaggio / editing      Ferdinando D’Urbano

musica / music      Pericle Odierna

costumi / costume designer          Jlenia Maria Esposito

scenografia / set decoration        Alessandra Troisi

cast         Francesco Paolantoni, Patrizio Rispo

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production        Omovies

distribuzione / distribution         Omovies


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