Logbook – Saturday 4th July

Once again Piazza Verdi was filled with ever attentive spectators. Starting the night off was the aesthetic satire of “Bold” by Davide Gentile, which alludes in a kindly irreverent way to those who are not really gifted with a full head of hair.


The great tradition of fantastic film anticipated as always the meeting between human protagonist and the beast.
“Bang bang!” by Julien Bisaro descends into the depths of ancestral traditions, a scarlet red stain in a grey smokey context, a girl who flees her father, distress and discovery.

We return to the dear old trick of funeral satire, an irresistible mix of the macabre and the jolly with “Le doigt d’honneur” by Malika Pellicioli, that above all admirably directs this cynical, profiteering family.

Then we participants in the piano lessons of a ten year old boy, not gifted with what Beethoven called perfect pitch: unreserved congratulations to Tommaso Pitta, who literally shook the piazza with laughs. His work entitled ‘How I didn’t become a piano player’.

Sweet, vulnerable, an iris petal floating on water: how could you not love the “Lady with Flower-Hair” created by Sarah Tabibzade: a warm honey cake.

Cinema on the road, chaotic, for “Taxistop” by Marie Enthoven, where everyone taught everyone and an irresistible blonde girl achieved her biggest dream: to stay in the company of her bespectacled daddy.

Winner, however, of melancholy and dramatics was conveyed in the claustrophobic world of illness, suffering, discomfort that can belong to anyone: “Tzniut” by David Formentin was a real recounting of this.

Ezra Pound spoke of old age as a season to learn about the knife and velvet; who knows if the director of “Arroz y fosoros”, short animation with an old man at the door of his fantasies, identifies with this.

Youth, a frightening time, small light moments, and pesky clinging shadows: a difficult relationship with their mother is at the centre of the daily life of the protagonist of “The Sound of Crickets” by Justine Klaiber.

An elegant animation like the rest, “Le Vélo de l’éléphant” by Olesya Shchukina. Morally, we side with the aspiring pachyderm that doesn’t ask from life the realisation of it’s only dream.

How would you feel if you were given a child that you knew wasn’t your own. There are other hidden truths, that some would call skeletons in the closet, in “Père” by Lotfi Achour.

After many small pieces of lives, the last work on the bill for this evening was a scientific contest where the destiny of men is at stake; growing tensions for this visual work that gives a fundamental value to acting.

At this point, saturday evening became saturday night, a good night to all and tomorrow let the screenings continue!

Riccardo Visinitin

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