Italia / Italy 1993, XXXPanoramica, col., 90′
It’s a sunny, spring Sunday morning in a small town in the south of Italy. Three Italian citizens and an Eritrean barge into a school where polling stations are being hosted for the elections. They’re unemployed and armed. The daughter of the politician Cannavacciuolo, who is thought to be colluded with the camorra, is also in the school. Talks begin between the four and the police, who will eventually force them out.[:]


Regia / Director
Gabriele Salvatores
soggetto, sceneggiatura / subject, screenplay
Franco Bernini, Angelo Pasquini,
Gabriele Salvatores
fotografia / cinematographer
Italo Petriccione
montaggio / editing
Massimo Fiocchi
musica / music
Federico De Robertis
scenografia / set decoration
Giancarlo Basili, Renato Scarpa
Francesca Neri, Silvio Orlando, Antonio
Catania, Renato Carpentieri
genere / genre
drammatico / dramatic
produzione / production
Marco Mandelli, Penta Film
distribuzione / distribution
Penta – Cecchi Gori Home Video
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