Italia / Belgio / Belgium 2012, HD, Dolby SR, col., 18′
Olli is a lonely skunk who makes trouble whenever he can. When his mortally ill mother throws a party for his sixteenth birthday, he has no intention to let her down. He needs to embark on a quest for friendship.


Regia / Director
Jan & Raf Roosens
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Bert Van Dael, Sanne Nuyens
fotografia / cinematographer
Rik Zang
montaggio / editing
Maarten Janssens
musica / music
Raf Keunen
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Alexander Baert
costumi / costume designer
Stephanie D’heygere
scenografia / set decoration
Miriam Matthys
Enrique De Roeck, Marthe Schneider,
Sara De Bosschere
genere / genre
produzione, distribuzione / production,
Rococo Content
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