Italia / Italy 2013, DigiBeta, Dolby A, col., 20′
When a boy named Leo and his sister Annetta wake up in the morning, their mom is still sleeping in her bed. Or is she dead? Leo and Annetta spend the day on their own. They have breakfast, they make a mess and they play. They wait, they try to live without their mom. Until the arrival of Gabriele, her boyfriend, until the arrival of their grandmother. Until when with adults and
their words, the ambiguity dissolves, and each of them approaches the evening on his own way.[:]


Regia / Director
Valentina Carnelutti
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Valentina Carnelutti
fotografia / cinematographer
Massimo Schiavon
montaggio / editing
Sara Zavarise
musica / music
Francesco Tricarico
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Mirco Mencacci
costumi / costume designer
Eva Coen
scenografia / set decoration
Valentina Carnelutti
Teresa Saponangelo, Francesco
Tricarico, Lydia Biondi, Flavio Palazzoli,
Irene Buonomo
genere / genre
produzione, distribuzione / production,
Fiore Leone
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