Svezia, Ruanda / Sweden, Rwanda 2012, HD, Dolby SR, col., 15′
In the midst of frost and snow, a woman is driving her way to the hospital in Kiruna, the northernmost city of Sweden. Under the scorching sunlight of Kigali, Rwanda, another woman is being carried to the hospital on a stretcher. The two single mothers-to-be on the verge of giving birth to a baby are departed thousands of miles apart, but share the same fear of entering the unknown world of motherhood.[:]


Regia / Director
Goran Kapetanovic
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Maria Nygren
fotografia / cinematographer
Tobias Höiem-Flyckt
montaggio / editing
Erland Kristoferssen
musica / music
Uno Helmersson
tecnico del suono / sound editor
David Gülich
costumi / costume designer
Ayuub Kasasa Mago
scenografia / set decoration
Omar Moukthar
Malin Crépin, Assad Kasasa, Mukundente
genere / genre
produzione / production
Kapetanovich Film Production Ab
distribuzione / distribution
Svenska Filminstitutet
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