Josephine and the Roach

USA 2012, HD, Dolby SRD, col., 15′
This surreal, offbeat short tells the story of a cockroach and the woman he loves. Her brutish husband stands in the way of their happiness, so the roach must resort to creative means to win her over.[:]


Regia / Director
Jonathan Langager
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Jonathan Langager, Joe Swanson
fotografia / cinematographer
Damian Horan
montaggio / editing
Thomas Krueger
musica / music
Daniel James Chan
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Bethany Sparks
costumi / costume designer
Phoebe Boynton
scenografia / set decoration
Giao-Chau Ly
Jenna Augen, Jerry White Jr., Circus
Szalewski, Olivia Choate, Jeremy
genere / genre
produzione / production
Jonathan Langager
distribuzione / distribution
USC School of Cinematic Arts
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