Don’t let the door hit you on your way out

Regno Unito / United Kingdom 2012, HD, Dolby SR, col., 7′
A 30-something man storms down the busy streets of London. He catches the bus just on time. With only one seat left, he finds himself sitting next to an old lady at the back. The red wire sticking out of his jacket, his Eastern characteristics and the sweat on his forehead match perfectly her stereotypical profile of a terrorist. Quickly the tension between them rises as the lady’s insults echo clearly in the bus. The man won’t let her go unpunished as the ticket inspector comes on board.[:]


Regia / Director
Yannis Tsakiridis
sceneggiatura, montaggio, scenografia,
produzione, distribuzione / screenplay,
editing, set decoration, production,
Tsakiridis Yannis
fotografia / cinematographer
Ross Domoney
musica / music
Stone Inc – Stefano Tirone
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Greg Neimand
Vicrotia Clifford, Joey Jettun, Gordon
Peaston, Dave Kaye, Veatriki Bania
genere / genre
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