Cootie Contagion

USA 2012, HD, Optical, col., 8′
Warning: Code Red! Cootie Outbreak! The disease is spreading and Matt’s at risk because he likes Becca, his infected science partner. Cootieologist Connor has warned Matt and will quarantine him if necessary. Becca’s birthday party is off limits… Or we’re all doomed![:]


Regia / Director
Josh Smooha
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Josh Smooha
fotografia / cinematographer
Nick Reinhard
montaggio / editing
Aaron Pagniano
musica / music
Daniel Hildreth, Greg De Iulio
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Josh Smooha
scenografia / set decoration
Lexa Payne
Theo Scott, Zac Pullam, Avery Pohl
genere / genre
produzione / production
FSU College of Motion Picture Arts
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