Italia / Italy 2012, HD, Dolby 5.1, col., 11′
The dressing room of a swimming pool. Chiara and Futura are as alike as two peas in a pod: same sequin costume, same eye shadow to cover their teenage eyes. But the challenge they are about to take on is not one of many: they are growing up and that swimming pool is getting too small for both of them.[:]


Regia / Director
Laura Plebani
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Laura Plebani, Dario Bonamin, Eleonora
Cimpanelli, Marta Pallagrosi
fotografia / cinematographer
Sammy Paravan
montaggio, musica / editing, music
Andrea Campajola
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Paolo Spigno, Eric Guerrino Nardin
suono / sound
costumi / costume designer
Chiara Baglioni
scenografia / set decoration
Laura Inglese
Chiara Romano, Futura Grassi
genere / genre
produzione / production
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
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