Civvy Street

Regno Unito / United Kingdom 2013, DigiBeta, Optical, col., 5′
An old man lives alone in a caravan. This short film follows the story of this broken man, an ex-military hero that was once respected and loved by society that now lives his days suffering, reliving an on-going nightmare. He lives in complete isolation in his wrecked caravan, the only company that he gets is from a bottle of alcohol or the cry in his memory. A short film to raise
awareness about post-war depression and mental conditions made by a crew of four, self funded by the director.[:]


Regia / Director
Matt Worthington
sceneggiatura, montaggio / screenplay,
Matt Worthington
fotografia / cinematographer
Emmanuel Boadi
musica / music
Joshua Raven
costumi / costume designer
Laura Gipp
Nigel Harris
genere / genre
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