Border Patrol

Germania / Germany 2013, HD, Dolby SR, col., 15′
Carl, a young, eager border patrol cop is anxious to get off so he can watch the big football match against Austria. Bored and in the company of his partner Franz, who’s nearing his retirement and likes to take his time, his plans are thwarted by the discovery of a suicide victim in the woods just near the Austrian border. The wily Franz realises he could have some fun with his younger colleague and sets about instructing him how to make the body an Austrian problem. It all seems to work out well, except perhaps the Austrians have seen this body before.[:]


Regia / Director
Peter Baumann
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Peter Baumann
fotografia / cinematographer
Justin Litton
montaggio / editing
James Gover
musica / music
Andreas Christian Wimmer
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Björn Mehrdorn, Christian Wieland
Wolfgang Fischer, Leo Reisinger, Seppi
Scholler, Till Butterbach, Ulla Geiger,
Margrett Dyett, Florian Dassler
genere / genre
produzione / production
aug&ohr medien M. Kaatsch, J. Hardt &
Co. GbR
distribuzione / distribution
aug&ohr medien M. Kaatsch, J. Hardt &
Co. GbR
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