It is clear that defect of being small could have some benefits

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Here you have the new look of Maremetraggio 2014!

Or, better, of the International ShorTS Film Festival!

The great cinema starts with shorts films. And we are going to presents you, as we have done for 15 years, the best ones, the shorts we are sure will have a better perspective, in any sense. “Smalls” that would like to be “big”, and that they already are in a certain sense.

The playful look given by young men and women a little bit astonished in front of bigs “holy monsters” like Marilyn Monroe and Mel Gibson give sense to all.

A look that begins modest and shy, but with a different perspective, aware that they will may arrive at the same high level one day. And if it is true that their works are only the starting point, than their future way will be on the skids!

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