Italia / Italy 2012, Digitale e 3D – color, 80′
The film is inspired by a short story written by R. L. Stevenson and L. Osbourneby on 1894, Il Riflusso della Marea and it is a noir set in our days in the Mediterranean Sea.
The tale of three men who set sail, leaving behind the Italian coast and heading South-East. Only two of them are aware of the real reason of the crossing, while the third is a young man chosen for its nautical skills and doesn’t know the intentions of the other two men. The purpose of the trip is to rob a trafficker of precious stones who retired to live on a small Greek island with his faithful servant. During the boat trip the three men find themselves forced to take on board a women who dived into the middle of the sea from a motorboat.


Regia / Director
Corrado SassiSceneggiatura / Screenplay
Corrado Sassi, Salvatore Sansone

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Gianluca Ceresoli

Montaggio / Editing
Paola Freddi

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Vincenzo Urselli

Musica / Music
Emanuele De Raymondi

Suono / Sound
Dolby Sr

Costumi / Costume
Antonella CannarozziScenografia / Set Designer
Glauco Trasselli

Luca Marinelli, Francesco Di Leva, Salvatore Sansone, Andrea Vergonio, Kathrin Resetarits, William Sinclair

Genere / Genre

Produzione / Production
Happy Film

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