Chiara Valenti Omero re-elected in the directive board of AFIC

“The Association Italian Festival of Cinema is a system to create network, as on the local Casa del Cinema in Trieste: essential to guarantee a future to the film festivals.”

Chiara Valenti Omero, president of Maremetraggio, International Short Film and Debut Works Festival, scheduled in Trieste from 30th June to 6th July 2013, has been re-elected inside the directive board of AFIC, the Association of Italian Festival of Cinema that gathers the main Italian film festivals.

The directive board, elected by the general meeting of last 20th February and in office for the next two years, it is also composed from: Giorgio Gosetti (Courmayer Noir in Festival), Alberto Lastrucci (Festival dei Popoli), Federico Pommier Vincelli (Molise Cinema) and Giovanni Spagnoletti (Mostra Internazionale del nuovo Cinema), who was elected president of Afic. “I am very happy and honored to have been re-elected to represent the festivals of northern Italy – comments Chiara Valenti Omero -. In a moment like this I am more convinced that networking and set aside foolish individualism is essential to find a new way of understanding the model “ film festival”. In our small work we are already doing it – continues the president of Maremetraggio -, realizing exactly in Friuli Venezia Giulia and particularly in Trieste, with the project Casa del Cinema, a synergistic system that will be in my opinion the only real way to ensure a future for all of us. Who is not prepared to take a step back in this moment cannot do three forward with all the others, and also for this Afic is indispensable today.” Founded in November 2004, the Association Italian Festival of Cinema proposes itself the objective to gather the Italian cinema festivals in a coordinate and recognized system by public institutions, from spectators and sponsors, in the certainty that in the complex of the Italian audiovisual system, the festivals represent a fundamental subject for the promotion, for the knowledge and the diffusion of the cinema and audiovisual culture.

Chiara Valenti Omero, president of the association Maremetraggio from January 2011, has on her shoulders years of experience in the field of cinema: from 2002 she is vice-president of the association Maremetraggio and follows the organization and the artistic direction of the homonym cinema festival. She also deals with the selection of short films for television transmitter and other festivals and exhibitions in Europe (Lisbon, Athens, Podgorica, Sofia, Bucharest). With the association she dealt with the production of numerous short films: the last one has been La penna di Hemingway of Renzo Carbonera, with Sergio Rubini, Christiane Filangieri, Cosimo Cinieri and Francesco Barilli, introduced in preview to Giornate degli Autori in 2011, whose rights have been acquired by Universal Studio. In 2003 she has collaborated together with Nuvola Film to the production of the first feature film of Massimo Cappelli Il giorno + bello. From March 2007 she belongs to the directive board of AFIC (Associazione Festival Italiani Cinema). She is currently working to the development of a documentary (based on a story of Giorgio Pressburger and directed by Renzo Carbonera) of multiculturalism of Trieste, produced by Istituto Luce.

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