Polonia / Poland 2011, HD – Color, 20′
35 years old Iwona takes care of the house during her husband’s absence.
She tries to make up with her son Michal.
One day, Michal doesn’t come back home for the night.


Regia / Director
Bartos KruhlikSceneggiatura / Screenplay
Bartos Kruhlik

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Daniel Wawrzyniak

Montaggio / Editing
Gregorz Szczepaniak

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Marcin Bulus-Trando

Musica / Music
Andrzej Strzemzalski

Suono / Sound

Costumi / Costume
Marta JakubiakScenografia / Set Designer
Karina Dzikowska

Sylwia Juszczak

Genere / Genre

Produzione / Production
The Polish National Film, Television and
Theater School

Distribuzione / Distribution
The Polish National Film, Television and
Theater School

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