Pui, cartofi prajiti si-o cola

Romania/Romania 2012, Digi Beta – Color, 14′
A ten year old granddaughter and her two grandmothers go to the seaside. It’s her first time in Romania. She doesn’t speak romanian, the grandmothers don’t speak english… Nor to each other.


Regia / Director
Emanuel ParvuSceneggiatura / Screenplay
Emanuel Parvu

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Liviu Pojoni Jr

Montaggio / Editing
Dana Bunescu

Suono / Sound
Dolby Sr

Costumi / Costume
Ana Cucu, Taba AtacScenografia / Set Designer
Cornel Zamfir

Dorina Lazar, Coca Bloos, Bianca Vranceanu

Genere / Genre

Produzione / Production
Media Factory

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