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Italia / Italy 2012, Red – Color, 10′
In New York, life goes on in hurry. Claire comes home every day reliving the same day. In a world where no one has time to look nearby and interact with others, Claire feels invisible. [:]Then something happens: Frank arrives, thanks to which Claire will learn a new way to truly communicate.


Regia / Director
Mario Parruccini

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay
Sistiana Lombardi, Antonio Micali,
Mario Parruccini

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Vitaly Bokser

Montaggio / Editing
Mario Parruccini

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Edmar Flores

Musica / Music
Christof R. Davis

Suono / Sound

Costumi / Costume
Natalie Romero

Scenografia / Set Designer
Natalie Romero

Claire Duncan, Jamie Keohane, Doug Barron

Genere / Genre

Produzione / Production
Many Miles Film Productions

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