Austria / Stati Uniti – Austria / USA 2012, Arri Alexa, Hd – Color, 19′
Hatch follows two couples and the wrenching decisions they each must make on a wintry Vienna night. [:]Milo and Biljana, illegal immigrants seeking opportunity, must acknowledge that they cannot raise their newborn and hope to achieve their own youthful dreams at the same time. Across town an older and more stable, couple desperately want to welcome a child into their lives.


Regia / Director
Christoph Kuschnig

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay
Christoph Kuschnig, Karl Goldblat

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Felix Striegel

Montaggio / Editing
Christoph Kuschnig, Brooke Sebold

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Michael Plöderl

Musica / Music
Bernd Dormayer

Suono / Sound
Dolby Srd

Costumi / Costume
Otto Krause

Scenografia / Set Designer
Dominik Freynschlag, Sarah Sassen

Andreas Patton, Max Mayer, Vedran Kos,
Tina Keserovic, Uschi Strauss

Genere / Genre

Produzione / Production
Martin Maier Media

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