From Dad to Son

Germania / Germany 2012, Digital – B/W, 5
A prisoner receives the message that his old father needs help with tilling the field. In his desperate situation the prisoner suddenly has the idea to use the guards to till his dad’s land.

Regia / Director
Nils Knoblich

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay
Nils Knoblich, Stephan Hanf

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Nils Knoblich

Montaggio / Editing
Nils Knoblich

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Steffen Martin

Musica / Music
Georg Konrad, Josefine Knoblich

Suono / Sound
Dobly Sr

Costumi / Costume
Nils Knoblich

Scenografia / Set Designer
Nils Knoblich

Sylwia Juszczak

Genere / Genre
Animazione / Animation

Produzione / Production
Kunsthochschule Kassel

Distribuzione / Distribution
Kunsthochschule Kassel

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