Cusutu n’coddu

Italia / Italy 2012, RED 4k – Color, 17′
In a small Sicilian feud, at the end of 800, a group of hungry and angry farmers revolt against the landowner. To lord over and lead the rebellion there’s Salvo, the farmer, who wants to replace the feudal lord. During the revolt Salvo decides not to kill Peppino, the tailor of the Ex master, because he would like a tailored suit. In a duel between the protagonists, the tailor will implement his ancient plan of revenge.


Regia / Director
Giovanni La ParolaSceneggiatura / Screenplay
Giovanni La Parola

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Marco Bassano

Montaggio / Editing
Giovanni La Parola

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Simone Chiossi

Musica / Music
Francesco Cerasi

Suono / Sound
Dolby Sr

Costumi / Costume
Giuseppe AvalloneScenografia / Set Designer
Marcello Di Carlo

Francesco Foti, Giovanni Calcágno,
Filippo Pucillo, Federico Rosati,
Alessandro Morelli

Genere / Genre

Produzione / Production
Filmando Srl

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