Maremetraggio and Berlinale choose Luca Marinelli

The cinema festival of Trieste anticipates once more the choices of the administrators of the Berlinale, that have wanted the young actor in the shortlist of Shooting Star 2013. To Maremetraggio Marinelli will be the protagonist of the perspective 2013.

Before him there have been Alba Rohrwacher and Michele Riondino: two actors, protagonists of the last editions of the event, that in the same year have been honored from the festival of Trieste with his “perspective”, space devoted to the Italian emergent talents to tell past of it and future, and from the administrators of the Berlinale, that have chosen them to represent Italy in the rose of the Shooting Stars, the young more promising actors of the European cinema selected every year by the German festival.

Same destiny this year for Luca Marinelli, that Maremetraggio has chosen still months ago as protagonist of his “perspective 2013” and that will be Shooting Star to the next Berlinale, scheduled from next February 7, judged among the others by Alba Rohrwacher, that this year belongs to the jury.
Precursor of tendencies, Maremetraggio in 2013 will renew therefore the bet, already partly defeated, aiming at the Roman Luca Marinelli. To the cinema last October, protagonist of the film “Tutti i santi giorni” of Paolo Virzì and shortly of the “La grande bellezza” of Paolo Sorrentino, Marinelli this year will be also in the cast of two debut works of sure interest, ” Nina” of Elisa Fuksas and ” Waves” of Corrado Maria Sassi.

They will be these some of the films proposed for the perspective of Maremetraggio 2013, a custom space that every year the event devotes to a particularly promising Italian actor to narrate, in form of images and words, his formative career and the expectations for the future.

Class 1984, Marinelli as the other bets of Maremetraggio, is young but determined. His career of interpreter starts since he was a kid with the dubbing. Not yet adult (in the 2003) he follows a course of screenplay and recitation with Guillermo Glanc. The following year reached the classical maturity can devote full time to his passion, the recitation. He succeeds in entering to the National Academy of Dramatic Art “Silvio D’Amico”, that gives him the necessary preparation to develop qualities of a polyhedric actor, and in which he graduates in the 2009. In few years he got a curriculum of all respect, with numerous roles in asset, beginning from the theatre for then to reach the big screen. Since then conquest parts, often from protagonist, in various theatrical representations. He collaborates, among the others, with Michele Monetta in “ Fantasia arlecchina” (2009) and with Carlo Cecchi, with which he begins a fortunate collaboration, in “Sogno di una notte di mezz’estate” (2009-2010 -2011).

The obligations in front of the movie camera focus on especially in these last years.

The great occasion arrives when Saverio Costanzo wants him to interpret, beside Alba Rohrwacher (2009 bet of Maremetraggio), the part of Mattia, protagonist of “La solitudine dei numeri primi” (2010) . The film, drawn by the homonym novel of Paolo Giordano and introduced in contest to the 67th exhibition of the Cinema in Venice, offers him the possibility to grow personally and professionally, forcing him besides to a niggling job on his body, that will bring him to fatten up to reach the 99 kilos of weight to lower better in the character. But it is really thanks to the role of Mattia that Luca Marinelli makes himself notice from the public and from the criticism.
Since then he begins his career in the world of the seventh art, that offers him a part after the other. In 2011 is again in contest to the festival of Venice with the convincing interpretation of a transsexual in “L’ultimo Terreste”, of GIPI, in the same year he shoots “Waves”, of Corrado Maria Sassi, and “Nina”, debut work of Elisa Fuksas, with Andrew Bosca (2011-bet of Maremetraggio), Diane Fleri, Marina Rocco. Always in 2011 also the RAI acknowledges his talent choosing him for the role of Saint Joseph in the film TV “Maria di Nazaret” (8.369.000 televiewers and almost the 30% of share), of Giacomo Campiotti, totally shot in English and with an international cast (we remember, among the others, Paz Vega).

But is 2012 that reserves the best surprises for a fascinating and talented actor as Luca Marinelli. Within a very short time is engaged by two directors of the caliber of Paolo Virzì and Paolo Sorrentino: Virzì wants him as protagonist, beside the debutante Thony, of the romantic comedy “Tutti I santi giorni”, released in the Italian cinemas Thursday ,October 11 th 2012. Also Sorrentino offers him an appearance, inserting him in the stellar cast of (Toni Servillo, Sabrina Ferilli and Carlo Verdone) of his new film “La grade bellezza”: a homage in Sorrentino’s Style in “Dolce Vita”.

This summer the public of Maremetraggio, scheduled in Trieste from June 30th to July 6th 2013, it will have therefore way of remember the recent professional history of this magnetic and promising actor through his cinematographic interpretations. Luca Marinelli will be for the occasion to Trieste, guest of the festival, to tell his history and future programs to the public.

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