Aspromonte. Tutta un’altra storia

Italia / Italy 2013, 4 K – color, 96′
An entrepreneur of the Brianza area, Torquato Boatti, needs the signature of his co-holder brother Marco, who is a musician, to conclude the real estate deal of his life, but with whom there is bad lineage.
While looking for him, Torquato finds out that his brother is in Aspromonte with his band for a musical tour and he joins him. The two meet and they fight. Torquato tries to catch up, but it seems that his brother has disappeared. At this point, after a threat found in the hotel room, Boatti is more and more sure that his brother was kidnapped. He starts his journey with a jeep and a ‘State Forestry’ guide across Aspromonte, where he clashes with a complex and incomprehensible different world.


Regia / Director
Hedy KrissaneSceneggiatura / Screenplay
Pier Maria Cecchini, Hedy Krissane, Franco NeriFotografia / Cinematographer
Filippo Arlotta

Montaggio / Editing
Davide Neglia, Elio Gentile

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Antonio Sarzotti

Musica / Music
Peppe Voltarelli

Suono / Sound
Dolby Digital

Costumi / Costume
Naele Latella, Manuel Corapi, Martina CalabresiScenografia / Set Designer
Karine Bandas MascarenasCast
Franco Neri, Pier Maria Cecchini, Andrea De Rosa

Genere / Genre
Commedia / Comedy

Produzione / Production
Publiglobe srl

distribuzione / distribution
CineClub Internazionale

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