Don Enrique de Guzman

Spagna / Spain 2012, Digital (Red One) – Color, 19′
1590: Everything seemed to be going well in the Spanish Empire when a trivial dispute about the use of a bell erupted between Pope Sesto V and Ambassador Don Enrique de Guzman, and threatened to put an end to the good relationship between Spain and Italy.


Regia / Director
Arantxa Echevarría

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay
Jorge Guerrero

Fotografia / Cinematographer
Pilar Sánchez Díaz

Montaggio / Editing
Renato Sanjuan

Tecnico del suono / sound Editor
Manuel Robles

Musica / Music
Óscar Navarro

Suono / Sound

Ginés García Millán, Tania Balastegui,
Juanma Cifuentes, Jorge Murie,
Vicente Gisbert, Miguel Zúñiga

Genere / Genre

Produzione / Production
Tiempo De Rodar Sl

Distribuzione / Distribution
Freak Independent Film Agency

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