The dummy Ilia escapes from his shop windows. The forces of the law follow every step he makes. He manages to escape and meets a little dog. They become friends and start living together. The dog gets sick and Ilia goes to the drug store for medicine. The forces of the law catch him and put him back on the shop window.


regia / director yordan bankov
sceneggiatura / screenplay
yordan bankov, petko lungov
fotografia / cinematographer
petko lungov
montaggio / editing
lyubomir petrov
musica / music
alexander evtimov
suono / sound
genere / genre
animazione – animation
formato originale / original format
beta sp – color
durata / running time
anno di produzione / year of production
paese di produzione / country of production
bulgaria – bulgaria
produzione / production
national academy for theatre & film arts (nafta) “krustyo sarafov”
distribuzione / distributor
national academy for theatre & film arts (nafta) “krustyo sarafov”



2007 Plastic Man (corto, short)


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