World War II. There’s a boy in the wardrobe…

regia / director luiso berdejo, jorge c. dorado
sceneggiatura / screenplay
luiso berdejo, jorge c. dorado
fotografia / cinematographer
david tudela
montaggio / editing
pepe tito
musica / music
sounders creación sonora
suono / sound
dolby srd
cast / cast
pau poch, roland raimjanov
genere / genre
formato originale / original format
35 mm – color
durata / running time
anno di produzione / year of production
paese di produzione / country of production
spagna / spain
produzione / production
common films
distribuzione / distribution

World War II. There’s a boy in the wardrobe…




Jorge C. Dorado was born in Madrid in 1976. To date he has made four short films and has worked as second assistant director on films like “La mala educación”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Hable con ella” and “El espinazo del diablo”. He is currently writing film-scripts for feature films.

2005 La guerra (corto, short), 2005 Distancias (corto, short), 2002 Líneas de fuego (corto, short), 1999 Siguiente (corto, short).



Luiso Berdejo was born in San Sebastián, Spain, in 1975. In 2001, he wrote and directed his first 35 mm short film: “Y ya no puede cambiar”. He is now writing the screenwriting for Paco Plaza’s next film “Cuento de navidad”.

2005 La guerra (corto, short), 2002 Faraón (corto, short), 2001 … Ya no puede caminar (corto, short).


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