Franz and Leila cross their lives for an absurd fate joke. She’s a fascinate and impertinent burglar, he’s a boring depressed bus driver, with compulsive gambler. The couple have to pass more freaky dangerous situations, but maybe they’ll find on their street luck…

regia/director davide marengo
sceneggiatura /screenplay giampiero rigorosi
fotografia/cinematographer arnaldo catinari
montaggio/editing patrizio marone shore
scene / scene design anna forletta saint-laurent, sonia peng kohout
costumi / costume design eva coen nazaryeh
musica / music franco piersanti, mario rivera
suono / sound dolby sr
cast/cast valerio mastandrea, giovanna mezzogiorno, ennio fantastichini, anna romantowska, roberto citran, ivan franek, iaia forte
genere / genre noir
formato originale/original format 35 mm – color
durata/running time 104’
paese di produzione/country of production italia / italy
produzione/production emme
distribuzione/distribution 01 distribuzion

Davide Marengo is 34 and after shooting film backstage material, music video clips, TV commercials and short films awarded at many international film festivals, he directed “Craj” in 2005, a documentary film on Apulia’s folk music starring Teresa De Sio and Giovanni Lindo Ferretti. The film was awarded the “Lino Miccichè” award as “Best First Work” at the Venice Film Festival, was first-prize winner at the “Libero Bizzarri” festival and nominee for the Silver Ribbons award as best documentary film. After directing several music video clips, including “Fiori d’arancio” and Carmen Consoli’s “L’ultimo bacio” – Italian Music Award winner – he has recently directed the music video for Daniele Silvestri’s “Mi persi”, that will be part of the “Notturno Bus” sound track together with “La Paranza”. “Notturno Bus”, a noir comedy film starring Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Valerio Mastandrea and Ennio Fantastichino, is Marengo’s feature fiction film debut. At present he is shooting the TV series “Due cuori e un delitto” for RAI UNO Television.

2007 Notturno bus (lungometraggio, feature); 2005 Craj (documentario, documentary); 2002 La stretta di mano (corto, short); 1998 Drad Train (corto, short); 1995 Shit! (corto, short).


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