Al cuore si comanda

What to do when at the age of thirty you have not yet found the right man for yourself?Well, Lorenza has decided: fake is always better than nothing…


Regia: Giovanni Morricone
Sceneggiatura: Rosa A. Menduni, Roberto De Giorgi
Fotografia: Giulio Pietromarchi
Musica: Andrea Morricone, Ennio Morricone
Cast: P. Favino, S. Impacciatore, C. Gerini, P. Cosso
Formato: 35 Mm
Durata: 95’
Produzione: Enzo Porcelli – Achab Film
Distribuzione: Medusa Film

Giovanni Morricone, graduated in Political Science in Rome in 1992 and obtained a Master’s in directing and set design in 1999 at Columbia University in New York. He has directed various short films, documentaries and a dozen of episodes of the soap opera “Un posto al sole” produced by RAItre. “Al cuore si comanda” is his first experience as a director of film for cinema.

What to do when at the age of thirty you have not yet found the right man for yourself? Well, Lorenza has decided: fake is always better then nothing. If you can rent nearly everything today, why not a fiancé? Of course without any sentimental or sexual involvement…. “ 8 a.m. you wake me up with sweet words; 10 a.m.: tell me you love me…”, every moment of the day is laid out by Lorenza’s strict schedule, and Riccardo, an outgoing musician who is always broke, feels choked in this work’s cage.
But… one can plan everything, except the person that you will fall in love. A moment of distraction and a night full of stars is enough for the unique clause of the agreement to go to hell. Only sex, love or an illusion of pretence? Maybe it has only been foolishness, but to make Lorenza come back to her senses she encounters Destiny: Giulio, a beautiful and fascinating dentist, who is perfect as he is, without any need of scheduling, woe betide you to let him go. Firing Riccardo is neither easy nor fast. Unforeseeable and vindictive as much or even more of a real “ex”, Riccardo does everything he can to break the new relation, but at the end he has to give up and disappears.
Life with Giulio proceeds according to Lorenza’s expectations… and her mother’s too. But something is still missing. What is love? Harmony or chaos? Lorenza cannot give an answer to it, maybe because this is the first time that she feel like that … The past is written, but not the future: and if you need to invent it, better do it with imagination. It is enough not to be afraid and to know what you really want. Lorenza has taken a new decision: better nothing than fake. She leaves Giulio to reconquer Riccardo. But does he love her? Will he still want her? Lorenza is ready to take the risk.


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