Simone Massi wins the Cinema dell’Anima award of the 25th ShorTS International Film Festival

The award is to be presented Friday 28 June at the Giardino Pubblico in Trieste, accompanied by a public masterclass given by the director and followed by the screening of his first feature film, Invelle.

The 25th ShorTS International Film Festival (Trieste, 28 June – 6 July 2024) is to award the truly special Cinema dell’Anima prize to animator Simone Massi. The awarding of the prize, scheduled for Friday 28 June at the Giardino Pubblico, is to be preceded by a masterclass by the director curated by Maurizio di Rienzo (artistic director ShorTS IFF), and backed by the screening of Tengo la posizione (Italy, 2001), Io so chi sono (Italy, 2004) and Dell’ammazzare il maiale (Italy, 2011) – three shorts tracing the career of an independent animator-director who stands out for his peculiar dramaturgic-expressive technique. This will be followed, again at the Giardino Pubblico in Trieste, by the screening of Invelle (Italy, 2023), the Marche filmmaker’s first feature film presented last year in the Orizzonti section of the Venice Film Festival and to be released in the coming months, distributed by Lucky Red.

Maurizio di Rienzo explained the awarding of the Cinema dell’Anima prize as follows: “An enduring artistic spirit, a narrator of stories that are as territorial and ethically his own as they are universal, capable of developing a special art of dramatic drawing, evocative and imaginative yet deeply realistic. The past narrated to him of his native Pergola, in the Pesaro area of the Marche, is grafted into the present of moving pictures, brim-full of farmworkers, the countryside, animals, children, women, amidst the seasons, wars, pacifications, in a distant place made up of familiar places that runs on tracks of memory and expectation, now and forever. This unprecedented Cinema dell’Anima prize that ShorTS 2024 is awarding to Simone Massi, a timeless artist, is truly a recognition ad personam.”


Simone Massi was born in Pergola (PU) on 23 May 1970, where he still lives in a country house in the hills of the Marche region, far from modernity and influential groups. A former factory worker, he then trained at the Scuola del Libro in Urbino, and has conceived and drawn the frames of his films one by one in a laborious, painstaking process. He has created and directed animations selected at festivals in 75 countries around the world. Winner of more than 300 awards, including a David di Donatello, three Nastri d’Argento, a Premio Flaiano for the animation created in the documentary La strada dei Samouni and an Oeil d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. Invelle is his first feature film.