The call to join the two juries that will decide the winner of the ‘Kids’ and ‘Teens’ categories of the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section and for EstEnergy’s Share the Future art competition is now open.

The ShorTS International Film Festival, once again in its 25th year, turns its attention to the young and very young of Trieste and Gorizia and does so through the continuing section Shorter Kids’n’Teens, a true ‘festival within a festival’, and with the Share the Future art competition of EstEnergy.

Shorter Kids’n’Teens
There are a total of 20 short films – seven Italian, four of which made by the students of the three-year course in animation at the CSC – Centro Sperimentale of Turin, the rest from all over the world – in competition in the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section, curated by Manuela Morana.

The works, selected by the ‘Selectors’, the group of ‘Kids’ (8 – 10 years old) and ‘Teens’ (11 – 15 years old), film enthusiasts from the primary and secondary schools of Trieste and Gorizia, who during the school year took part in the film literacy course named ‘Cinema in Italics’, will be shown on Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 July, starting at 4.30 p.m., on the screens of the Teatro Miela in Trieste.

The offering of the ‘Kids’ module confirms the children’s insatiable hunger for stories ‘saturated’ with the sounds and colours of nature with a choice of films that take them straight into the abysses of the sea to conquer their fears (Lizzie and the Sea by Mariacarla Norall), and not to fear enigmas and mysteries if guiding them through the lights and shadows of an old Venetian palace is an unkempt Pulcinella, a little less cunning than usual (La notte, the CSC diploma short).

The ‘Teens’, on the other hand, have secured for selection a band of sprightly metalheads who prefer the double bass drum to bowls (Akufeni, CSC diploma short), the naive, to say the least, methods used by a doctor to cure the most absurd diseases worthy of the best horror tradition (Impossible Maladies by Alice and Stefano Tambellini), the psychedelic-tinged future populated by demons and saved (perhaps) by humans reminiscent of that ‘wild planet’ designed by Roland Topor (Archang3l, CSC diploma short), and the need to break up the boredom of the school routine that explodes in L’ora buca (by Nikola Brunelli with the Ancona film school for boys and girls). A trickle of warm tears then convinced them to include in the selection also Falling a Park (also by CSC) and all the power that dreams have to heal certain wounds.

This year, moreover, a further, reduced selection of shorts for children and young people will also be proposed, out of competition, in Gorizia, at the Kinemax, on Thursday 4 July at 10 am, in collaboration with the Premio Sergio Amidei.

To be part of the two juries that are to decide the winner of the ‘Kids’ and ‘Teens’ categories of the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section, just fill in the form at the link After submitting you will receive the confirmation email in order to be a member of the jury and play an active part in judging the screenings.

Share the Future – EstEnergy’s art competition
Share the Future, EstEnergy’s teen art competition in the name of environmental sustainability, returns for the fourth year running, with a latest-generation iPad up for grabs.

For the occasion, the local energy supplier is asking young people in Trieste and Gorizia between the ages of 11 and 15 to plug in their creativity for a greener future, creating a drawing that depicts houses and rooms lit by LED lights of all shapes and colours, visible and safe cycle paths, and less polluted streets, squares and gardens. M’Illumino di LED is the slogan chosen for this edition of the competition.
Until 27 June, young people will be able to upload to the online platform drawings or illustrations created by their own hand, images processed with digital tools, or with a mix of both techniques, to which they can match a slogan, a hashtag or a phrase. All contributions will be posted on the website and can be voted on by the public through a single preference. The top five entries with the most votes will take part in a comics workshop with comic artist and ShorTS Comics Marathon curator Francesco Cappellotto, while the winner – as decreed by a technical jury – will receive an iPad as gift. All the entries can be viewed and voted for in the website’s online gallery.