EstEnergy – Gruppo Hera Award
Best short film
(Jury made up of Turkish director Ramazan Kılıç, Croatian producer Inja Korać and Italian director Luca Sorgato)

O Gün Bu Gündür, Uçuyorum/Ever Since, I Have Been Flying by Aylin Gökmen
(Switzerland 2023) 


«For those living under persecution, under the constant threat of erasure of their identity and culture, existence itself is a form of resistance. The director shows us a poetic portrait of a Kurdish man or any human being and his memories of love and trauma are a gorgeous, universal, and sensitive expression of that resistance that is human essence and the part of us that nobody could ever take from us. For that reason, we would like to give the Best Short Film award to Ever Since I Have Been Flying directed by Aylin Gökmen».

Special Mentions

Dnes Vsichko Ima Stranen Vkus/Everything Tastes Strange Today by Kristina Spassovska
(Bulgaria 2023) 


«A simple and authentic film, in which the sweetness of doing nothing and the air of a summer calmness emerge. A film that does not pretend anything, but captures something intangible and subtle, something that dwells in each of us. A brilliant idea to describe a love relationship between brother and sister, with a rare and delicate sensitivity. The construction of the thought of love passes through the people around us, and like a flower it grows and blossoms despite the weather».

Basri & Salma dalam Komedi yang Terus Berputar/Basri & Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy by Khozy Rizal
(Indonesia 2023)


«Special mention goes to a film that is touching upon a topic of social expectation of parenthood and pressure of machismo that is present not only in a traditional Indonesian family where the story is set but even all around western society. The director is skillfully and playfully portraying a story through surreal comedy elements, colourful cinematography and a great usage of music and sound at the same time taking us to Indonesia but also bringing us closer to trusting our own decisions».

Shorts TV Award
Best short film as chosen by the jury of Shorts TV

Komplikasjoner by Ivar Aase
(Norway 2023)

«The inspiration and motivation to start embracing a healthier lifestyle can come from the most unlikely of sources as seen in this sweet black comedy about a very intimate online relationship».

Special Mention

Titanic, noskhe monaseb baraye khanevadehaye irani/Titanic, Suitable Version for Iranian Families by Farnoosh Samadi
(Iran 2023) Award
Best Italian premiere chosen by the audience

Komplikasjoner by Ivar Aase
(Norway 2023)


Bazzara Caffè Award
best short film as chosen by the audience

Una storia d’azione italiana by Tommaso Gorani
(Italy 2024)

AMC Award
Best editing in an Italian short film

Hunger by Natalie Spencer
(UK, Italy 2023)


«For the original choice of a story that inventively blends different visual and audio materials and languages, straddling reality and imagination».


Audience Award
Best short film as chosen by the audience

Mimas by Evrim Inci
(Turkey 2024)


Audience Award
Best short film as chosen by the audience

Balcony Cacophony by Quentin Haberham
(The Netherlands 2023)


Shorter Kids Award
best Kids short film as chosen by the audience

Frite sans maillot by Matteo Salanave Piazza (France 2023)

Shorter Teens Award
Best Teens short film as chosen by the audience

L’ora buca by Nikola Brunelli
(Italy 2023)


Cinematic VR Award
Best short film as chosen by the audience

2023 a Requiem in VR: From Turmoil to Transcendence byRagnar di Marzo
(Sweden 2023)

Premio 6DoF
Best experience as chosen by the audience

 Murmuration by Patricia Bergeron
(Canada 2023)

Cinema dell’Anima Award
Simone Massi

Cinema del Presente Award
Damiano e Fabio D’Innocenzo

Prospettiva Award
Carlotta Gamba

Interprete del Presente Award
Isabella Ragonese
Michele Riondino

Laura Samani