ShorTS Immersive


From Sunday 30 June to Wednesday 3 July from 17:00 to 20:00 at Sala Xenia (Riva Tre Novembre).
Access is free but as places are limited bookings are recommended.
Just by clicking the slot (Cinematic VR) and/or the title you are interested in.

And… please remember to vote!

The award for the best short film in each of the two experiences will be given by the audience. There will no longer be paper ballots; voting will be done online.

Cinematic VR

2023 a Requiem in VR: From Turmoil to Transcendence by Ragnar di Marzo, S 2023, 6’
Ophelia by Diana Dell’Erba, I 2023, 8’
Dancing with Dead Animals by Maarten Isaäk de Heer, D 2022, 11’
Strie by Giorgio Barchetti, I 2023, 5’

Every slot presents the complete programme of 4 short films of the  Cinematic VR. For every slot there are 10 posts available.

03 July 2024

Slot 1 – 17:00

Slot 2 – 18:00

Slot 3 – 19:00


40 dias sem o sol by João Carlos Furia, BR 2023, 15’
Draw for Change! Existimos, resistimos by Mariana Cadenas Sangronis, B 2023, 15’
Murmuration by Patricia Bergeron, CAN 2023, 19’

For each of the 3 6DoF short films there are 6 slots available every day, just choose a time.

03 July 2024

40 dias sem o sol

Draw for Change! Existimos, resistimos


PANEL - Meet the Immersive Authors

Friday 5 July at 17:00 at Sala Xenia (Riva Tre Novembre)

Until now, ShorTS had dedicated the VR section to the language closest to that of traditional cinema, focusing on the selection of works made in Cinematic VR or 360VR. Observing developments in the medium, showcasing its experimentation, the search for a language, for new narrative elements of this, by now no longer new, way of telling a story through images, has been a leitmotif, a guideline in the selection in recent years. Yet the narrative was and is limited in its freedom of movement, the action of the spectator was and is limited to following the story in a linear way, and this limit is only overcome by adding degrees of freedom. From just ‘looking around’ movement is added, the spectator is freed from the constraint of the fixed point of vision, from the chosen perspective of the position of the frame (which in 360VR does not exist in the strict sense of the term, assuming a value of position in space chosen by the maker). The spectator is free to move in physical space. This is the 6DoF, six degrees of freedom. Creators of works in 6DoF assign to the spectator an additional responsibility: interaction. In these works, we can often interact with the narrative elements and make the experience more personal through this interaction. The creator accompanies us in the story by letting us decide the pace, the point of view, sometimes the story itself.

In this edition, in addition to works in Cinematic VR, the selection contains works that are very different in technique and type but enable the story in space and the narrative space to be perceived in a different way. The 6DoF does not only add degrees of freedom, but brings with it further narrative levels, new ways of undertaking immersive storytelling in addition to those we have experienced in the last few years of VR, and also leads to a new name for the section, which evolves from ShorTS Virtual Reality into ShorTS Immersive.