The 24H ShorTS Comics Marathon Jury

Scheduled for Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June in Piazza della Borsa, where participants will have to create a comic of 12 panels within the space of 24 hours.

The submitted comics will be judged by a FANTASTIC PANEL, including the illustrator Dr. Pira, awarded for the best comic at the Napoli Comicon, the cartoonist and screenwriter Menotti, co-author of the screenplay of “Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot”, the cartoonist Giopota, author for BAO Publishing of “A year without you”, and by the illustrator Ilaria Palleschi, author of the graphic novel “Nina Che disagio”.

For the third year in a row, cinema meets comic at ShorTS International Film Festival 2019, the Triestine festival running from June 28th to July 6th, which confirms the 24H ShorTS Comic Marathon for the Festival’s 20th birthday.

It’s a free contest which will be dedicated to aspiring cartoonists of all ages who want to test themselves in an artistic marathon, where they will have to produce a comic strip with at least 12 panels in ink and/or colour, all within a square border. The winning comic will be published and distributed free of charge, first on ShorTS’ Instagram page and then on paper, within a real comic book, which will then be distributed for free by our two Triestine comic event partners, Fantastylandia and Neopolis.

The marathon will be held in Piazza della Borsa from 17.00 on Saturday 29th June until 17.00 on Sunday 30th June. It is free to enter the competition and has a maximum limit of 15 people. You can register from our official ENTRY FORM.

After having big names like Laura Scarpa, Lorenzo Pastrovicchio and Sio, this year will also be judged by a fantastic panel made up from experts in this artistic field. In particular, the 2019 edition of the marathon will be composed by the animator and illustrator Dr. Pira, author of ‘I fumetti della Gleba’ and ‘Super relax’, which were awarded the Micheluzzi 2019 Award at Napoli Comicon, and other series from Repubblica, Vice Magazine and Smemoranda. We also have the comic creator/screenwriter of the critically acclaimed film ‘Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot’ and the comic creator/designer Giopota, who made the panels for ‘Gennaio’ and ‘A year without you’ written by Luca Vanzella, published by BAO Publishing and illustrator Ilaria Palleschi, author of the graphic novel ‘Nina che disagio’.

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