Alessio Cremonini will receive the Cinema of the Present Award 2019

Alessio Cremonini will receive the Cinema of the Present Award 2019, which ShorTS awards yearly to highlight the extraordinary talent of Italian filmmakersThe director of On my skin will also hold a Masterclass on Friday 5 July at Trieste Penitentiary in the presence of a group of prisoners, who at the end of the festival will also award the special prize “Oltre il muro” to the best Italian short film in the Maremetraggio section.

The exciting film Sulla mia pelle is the story of the last days of Stefano Cucchi and of the week that changed his family’s life forever; a work that has won over audiences and critics, achieving great success at the David di Donatello 2019 where Alessio Cremonini was honoured as Best New-coming Director and Alessandro Borghi for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The film will be screened in Trieste with the filmmaker present on Thursday 4th July at 8.00 pm at the Miela Theater. At 9.30 pm on the same day in Piazza Verdi, the director Alessio Cremonini will receive the Cinema Award of the Present, an award through which the Trieste festival highlights the extraordinary talent of the Italian filmmaker.

The director’s Masterclass at ShorTS 2019 is part of a project that the Maremetraggio Association has been organizing in collaboration with En.A.I.P for several years, offering professional training courses in audio-visual techniques within the Trieste Prison, allowing the possibility for a select group of prisoners to acquire the basics of these techniques so that they can be integrated into society and into the world of work. The group that will attend the Cremonini Masterclass is in fact following a 400-hour professional course (started in April and ending in December), at the end of which they will be given a professional certificate.

This group of inmates will also form the jury that each year awards the special “Oltre il Muro” prize for the best Italian short film in competition at the ShorTS International Film Festival in the Maremetraggio section, a historic competitive section dedicated to short films already awarded at major international festivals.

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