Entry Day 07

A hurricane hits Piazza Verdi. This time the suffocating heat has brought its worst; the winds making the benches rattle and the chairs jolt about.

The storm peaks at about 11pm, but what follows is the story of the evening before the rain begins to pour!

First of all, we had a short and sweet opening from Francesco Ruzzier. Then, the oriental images of WISH burst onto the screen; a short by the young director Ting – An Liu. It is a well-told temporal and social comparison of the modern and the ancient.

The suspense is kept as high with the following short GAZE by the Iranian director Farnoosh Samadi. One evening, inside a bitter and thrilling urban microcosm, a sad-looking woman comes home from a hard day of work after seeing her daughter. However, on the bus home, a desperate young man steals the wallet of an unsuspecting passenger. The woman witnesses this and unmasks the crook. The next few minutes, shot with remarkable directorial skills, convey the bitter taste of fear of the woman towards the young criminal, who now seeks revenge upon her.

The next short COCON by Sarah Lederman comes from Belgium. It depicts a character with a red beard who resides in an old-fashioned abode, flooded with old memories and a sense of nostalgia. A very subtle work. In fact, there are no recited parts whatsoever, like a silent aquarium with gothic glass walls.

The integration of different people and cultures is an extremely relevant theme, and a wound in which people constantly rub salt. IL LEGIONARIO by Hleb Papou is the story of a black man who is an agent of the State Police mobile unit. On his existential journey, he must obey an out of the blue evacuation order that involves his family. This is a short embellished with strong colours and the vivid photography of Felix Burnier.

Since the time of the historic LA CLASSE OPERAIA VA IN PARADISO (directed by Elio Petri, 1971), the issue of exploiting workers continues to inspire filmmakers and writers.

MATRIA by Alvaro Gago brings the scrunched-up face of woman facing the ugliness of life to the screen. The sadness is more than understandable in this bleak setting of iron and metal.

We all cherish the memory of a summer camp as a time of discovery and coming together. In UN JOUR EN COLONIE, the Aubry-Jacob duo pay tribute to an old French summer camp with an original narrative full of imagery.

Just before the thunderclap hits, the disturbing images of MARENOSTRUM by thr Kazkaz-Khalaf duo appear onscreen. A father, a daughter and a smooth sailing journey on the sea. Yet, this is no holiday, as something truly terrible is about to unfold… Those of you who have read the wonderful book LO STRANIERO by Albert Camus must be familiar with the almost dreamlike yet scarily real atmosphere of these stories of land and ocean, where danger often lurks.

Towards the end of the night, the sky above is swirling with reddish clouds and lightning bolts. We all have to quickly pack up and run as the streets are flooded with heavy rain. Hopefully the next time will be less wet!