It all started in Trieste, last summer, with a promise, made by the Italian Ambassador in Serbia Alessandro Merola, and it’s become reality last 25th of November, the event that has brought Maremetraggio’s CEI section straight to Belgrad.
It’s been a wonderful occasion for the President of Maremetraggio Maddalena Mayneri to visit Belgrad, hosted by the Italian Embassy, with some journalists as Franco Dassisti, Maurizio Cabona, Italo Moscati, Pietro De Stefani and Massimo Seppi that have been invited in order to represent our country in the international jury for the event, but also to make reportages about the city’s interest in movies and its affection about Italian culture.
The event has taken place in the Jugoslavian Cineteque, the national one, at the presence of the Ambassador himself that has greeted the public explaining how much he had liked the CEI Section in Trieste and how he had worked in order to give them the occasion to being part of Maremetraggio Festival, after the introduction of the Director of the cineteque Dinko Tucakovic and Maddalena Mayneri’s presentation. Maurizio Cabona, the Italian journalist, has also introduced the special selection of short movies presented and the CEI Section’s importance during Maremetraggio.

The technical jury has voted for “Ark” the animation movie made in Poland, for its innovative graphic and for its capacity to capture the young people’s attention in order to focus it into the third age. But in this special night the public has voted for “We are what we lost”, the Serbian short movie, directed by Srdjan Mitrovic, that is going to receive a beautiful sculpture realized by Dusan Petrovic, an award offered by the Italian Embassy.
The public has really appreciated this evening, and has enjoyed the opportunity to vote its favourite short movie.
Serbia, has showed a great interest in Maremetraggio’s Festival, and there’s the wish of Ambassador Merola, to organize a special CEI section only for Belgrad in 2008, with a selection of Italian Shorts, and there are also some projects with the Serbian-Italian schools for the Corallino Section.
It’s been a great satisfaction being so warmly welcomed for Maremetraggio, that will immediately start planning next year’s activities for CEI Section that is growing year after year.
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