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After the great success of the past four editions, the Association Maremetraggio,  is organizing, in the year 2004, the fifth edition of “Maremetraggio Festival – International Festival for the best Short Film”.

 The review in the past edition was extended to seven films made by directors that come from the “world of short films” in collaboration with AGIS (Associazione Generale Italiana dello Spettacolo), and has emphasised the international value of the short film by assigning the first prize of 10000 euro among films produced nationally and internationally.

The Festival will take place provisionally from July 3rd to July 10th in Trieste involving the REEF Communication s.r.l., Public and Private Administrations .

The projection of the best short films will re-propose a Cinema Festival of international resonance, which in the past editions had a wide acclaim from press and public, with a presence of over 12000.

The jury and the festival guests will all be relevant personalities from Cinema, Theatre and Italian journalism

The event will be unique of its kind for the number of prizes:

best short film; best Italian short film; best public short film; best short film – Critic prize; Ippocampo prize – best long film; Ippocampo prize – best actor; Ippocampo prize – best actress; Ippocampo prize – public best long film; Corallino prize – high school best short film;

In this contest we reckon to set up a special section also, dedicated to short films and film directors from countries being part of the CEI.

In this respect we have already made a film selection and we expect to be able to involve in the project all the seventeen countries of your interest. We could, in this way, create a INCE Special Prize including, among other things, meetings and debates to enlighten the cinema culture in North Eastern Europe.

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